Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Words of Wisdom at 94

This year my Grandma turns 94. Filled with spirit and spunk, 
there she is blowing a kiss from her front window.

Over the years she's given me several words of wisdom, some funny, some didn't make sense till later, but all play like a recording in my mind. Here are 20 of my favorite words of wisdom. Feel free to comment with the sayings or wisdom of your loved one. 

  1. The only thing guaranteed in life is change. 
  2. You can't hide broccoli in milk, so you may as well spill the milk and feed the broccoli to the dog while no one is watching. 
  3. You will reap the seeds you sow. 
  4. Measure twice, cut once.
  5. Take a picture with your mind and the memory will forever be in your heart.
  6. Laugh loudly--no one should ever have to restrain their joy. 
  7. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. 
  8. When all else fails, suck it up!
  9. Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. 
  10. Run from the person who says, "I want change"but never let go of the one who says, "lets change". 
  11. Why you do something is infinitely more important than the how. 
  12. Always, always always, have more jelly than peanut butter in your PB&J sandwich. 
  13. Love is a choice, not a feeling. 
  14. If you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over? 
  15. Everyone has two wolfs in them, one is Good and the other is Evil. Pick which wolf you want to feed. 
  16. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  17. Well done is better than well said. 
  18. Be the kind of person you want to meet. 
  19. Counting others sins does not make you a saint. 
  20. Love is the true price of love.  

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