Sunday, November 10, 2013

Twitter Talk on Burnout

Join Leah Korkis, Founder of Healthy Now and Later, 
and Andrew Lopez on Twitter!

Sunday November 10th, at 6pm PST at #NurseUp we will be discussing burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress disorder. 

In case you missed this tweetchat, here are the transcripts to our conversation.

As of 2012, just over a quarter of all adults within the United States are caregivers for their elder parents, costing an average of 3 trillion dollars a years in lost wages, pensions, and social security as a result of their tardiness, absenteeism, or leaving the workforce all together. This is because 1 in 6 caregivers in America hold full-time or part-time employment. Given the aging population and increase in the need for caregivers, an understanding of the risk of compassion fatigue among nurses and other healthcare professionals who care for elderly relatives is particularly urgent. 

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